Our Mission

We will be a watchdog committee overseeing issues of interest to all cottagers and residents and we will remain a communications link with the authorities and certain organizations (Town of Temiscaming, Municipality of Kipawa, Regional Municipality of Temiscamnigue and OBVT) .

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Your committee needs a bit of money to pay for:
  1. 1)The material used to make and repair the safety buoys we install every summer on the lake
  2. 2)The water quality tests that are done every 4 years.
  3. 3) Some of the gasoline consumed during water transparency tests that are done at 2 locations on the lake, a dozen times per summer (for more details, see .php)
  4. 4) Hosting of the website
Please note that all the work above is done on a voluntary basis - no one gets paid.
If possible, please remit 25 $ directly to one of the members of the committee or via Interac E-transfer to
Member of the committee are Yves Beauregard, Jeannine Moreau, Raymond Letourneau, Claude Desrochers, Jacques Rochon
Thank you!

This web site last updated Oct7, 2019

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