June 1 2014
 Fire Hazard:

With summer soon upon us, many of us are looking forward to quiet evenings by the campfire.But sometimes the forest is very dry and open campfires are prohibited..

Your association has installed  a Fire Danger sign  next to the community bulletin board. It will be updated once a day.

If you plan to have campfire it is strongly recommended that you check with the Fire Danger indicator at the top of this page or check with the Québec Fire Danger rating at www.sopfeu.qc.ca

Again this year, you will be able to record your catch during your fishing trips. Just select the Fisherman's book to print the document.

When its time, you will find the box available beside our announcement sign where the road separates in two.

In a study produced by the Ministry of Environment in order to know the quantity and variety of fish in our lake, residents got involved in the collection of data during their fishing trip by filling out the fisherman's book available at the entrance of the road that was available since the end of August 2012.

All data are collected by the association and then distributed to the Ministry.


Winter Fest - February 2013